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ESPN 30 FOR 30

Judging Jewell is a critically acclaimed short released as part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series. In the early hours of Saturday July 27, 1996, a terrorist’s bomb exploded into a crowd at the Atlanta Summer Olympics, killing two and injuring 111. The toll would have been far higher if not for security guard Richard Jewell, who discovered the bag holding the bomb and helped clear the area. Yet within hours of his heroism, Jewell was being called a murderer, hounded for months by the government and the largest media gathering in history. The true bomber was later convicted, but when Jewell died in 2007 he was still widely remembered as a victim at best, a killer at worst. Judging Jewell revisits the scene of the crime where Richard Jewell lost the one thing valued most - his honor.

Judging Jewell was rated the #11 film in the history of 30 for 30 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

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